“Absolut” child abuse


A young boy, fifteen years old, lives each day knowing that it may be his last. Four open heart surgeries and countless other procedures have left him looking like a patchwork doll, thanks to a mother who drank while she was pregnant. This blog is a record of the day to day life to which Justin is accustom. Daily medications, weekly blood draws, and monthly hospital visits are the easy part of Justin’s reality.  While other teens are preparing to drive and wishing for a car on their next birthday, Justin is preparing to undergo another surgery and wishing for a new heart so he can have a next birthday.  He is a fighter and it is wonderful that he doesn’t let his maladies effect his spirit. But how much more wonderful would it be if his mother had been responsible and loved him enough to care for him before she could hold him.

Please……   Think before you drink.


Check out the posts in the right hand column to see our day to day progress.


14 Responses to ““Absolut” child abuse”

  1. Keep your chin up buddy. We will pray for you.

  2. justin your the bestest brother ever and i will always be there for you

  3. justin thinking of you always. Your Heavenly Father knows who you are and is watching over you. keep your spirit stong as you always have, I love you and your family so..oo. much.

  4. We miss you!!!!

    Abby & Puka

  5. Justin… you have such a big heart. No really, your heart is SO big. It’s amazing. Literally and figuratively. Thanks for sharing all of the pics. Your in our thought and in our prayers. We love you and miss you and can’t wait to have you back home.

  6. Best wishes from my entire Kindergarten class!

  7. Simply marvelous! You are an inspiration! Enjoy your new heart! Looking forward to seeing your grandmother Myra tomorrow…I’ll keep her on her toes until you get back:)

  8. Your family is in my prayers. I hope Justin will improve tonight and you’re all able to get some rest. This site is amazing.

  9. Hey Justin! This is BethAnn, your cousin (Well, your dad’s cousin) wishing you good luck and letting you know you are in my prayers!

  10. Justin, It was great to see you smiling today. You have definitely had a long week!! I was excited to see you get out of bed and sit in a chair for a while today. Your strength and willpower are inspiring. Keep your chin up buddy!!

  11. Hey Man, hang in there. I know there are alot of prayers headed your way, both you and your family. Hope to see you up on your feet soon. Much love from the Lealaogata Family.

  12. Hi Justin. Even though I don’t pray, I have begun. For the past few months I find myself praying for you and your amazing family. You are a teacher for us and such a beautiful person. I can’t wait to have you home!

  13. Justin we love you!!!! We are all praying for you and can’t wait till your home. Stay strong:) xoxo

  14. What ever happened to justin now?

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